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Aboriginal Cultural & Community Awareness Online Course

First Nations Australian culture and history is over 50,000 years old making Aboriginal Australians the longest-living culture on the planet. Walya Productions Course One provides a condensed overview of First Nations Australians and in a short amount of time gives justice to the depth, diversity, sophistication and richness of First Nations Australians’ culture and community.

What you will learn

Learn about facts and inventions, about our sophisticated kinship systems, the amazing story of Maudie and Olive Kennedy, understand how policies impacted Aboriginal people and why Governments are committed to redressing the impact.

We have specifically designed a 3-hour course so you can be introduced to the complexity, and sophistication of our community structures, cultural protocols, belief systems and values.

“The music in this overview video was composed and arranged by artist River Jamijinpa Loizou and honours our central Australian origins and symbolises our sophisticated, adaptable and complex nature and culture”.

Flexible online delivery

3-hours towards your CPD

35 lessons

Certificate on completion

My name is Irene Sazdov and a very proud Nurrunga women from South Australia. I have worked in the Education and Employment sectors for over 15 years. I completed the Walya Productions Aboriginal Cultural and Community Awareness e-learning course to assess its suitability for non-Aboriginal staff. I found it to be the best online e-learning course. It has changed both my personal and work life in such a positive way that the underlying message I felt was so important it inspired me to offer to help promote this course. As an Aboriginal person I would have loved for this course to been available to me when I was at School. It conveyed in the most sensitive and concise way the unique challenges and circumstances faced by Aboriginal people in away that was inclusive of the non-Aboriginal Australian community. I strongly recommend and encourage everyone to undertake this course.

Irene Sazdov

I highly recommend Walya productions Course 1 Cultural Awareness and Course 2 Community Equity. Course 1 paces the learner through the incredible ingenuity and core concepts of a rich, thriving and sophisticated Aboriginal culture, especially brought to life by sharing Damien's own family history experience. I've done other courses and stepped away from these with new knowledge and and significant awakenings. I would highly recommend these courses. The second course is particularly relevant for understanding health care concepts and how external factors perpetuating the poverty cycle and sociopolitical structures of racism has created a phenomenon which started 235 years ago and was not part of aboriginal culture or lived experience prior to British colonisation. The second course builds from course 1 but also stands alone. A Brilliantly thoughtful course!

Leigh SimmondsSenior Manager patient advocacy, Pfizer Australia

I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the immense value your courses have offered. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in them and I must say that I learned a lot. The concepts were well-articulated, thoughtful, and provided an enriching experience.

Dr Natasha ArtharsFaculty of Creative Industries, Education & Social Justice, Queensland University of Technology

Welcome to Walya Productions Aboriginal Cultural & Community Awareness Introductory course.

Walya Productions is 100 per cent Aboriginal-owned. Walya means earth in the Warlpiri language and our logo represents our central Australian origins.

Aboriginal culture and history are over 50,000 years old making Aboriginal Australians the longest living culture on the planet. We can not condense and give justice to the depth, sophistication and richness of our culture in such a short time frame.

Come and enjoy our online training course as we walk alongside you on your journey. In doing so we hope it inspires you to learn more of Australians rich culture and it assists you with understanding our legacy.

All material produced by Walya and Walya Productions is owned exclusively by Walya and Walya Productions no permission to reproduce or share material is granted unless otherwise in writing by Walya Productions.

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Supply Nation

  • Walya Productions is Aboriginal owned and is a registered member of Supply Nation
  • Walya Productions is a RACGP CPD Cultural & Community Awareness education provider—639159


The Dreaming is the term we Aboriginal people give to our creation story.

Learn how our creation story, which is not just about how the Earth and animals were made, came to be as ancestral beings such as the Rainbow Serpent decended from the skies and spoke to Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Trading Songlines

Learn how Aboriginal Australians traded over vast distances, including with the Moccasin people of modern-day Indonesia, to help benefit other regions of the country.

Course Benefits

Why do Walya’s e-learning Course?

1. Informs and assist you with making your work environment culturally safe. 
2. Develops a better appreciation of First Australians culture, community and history. 
3. Provides knowledge and awareness for better engagement and understanding of community needs. 

Course Topics

Course Content

MODULE 1: 35 mins
MODULE 2: 20 mins
Lesson Content
MODULE 3: 1 hr
MODULE 4: 10 mins
MODULE 5: 20 mins
MODULE 6: 20 mins

Empowering Businesses

Walya Productions’ Training Courses are Promoting Cultural Understanding and Driving Positive Change in the workplace